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EDDM®, short for Every Door Direct Mail®, is a program established by the United States Postal Service that allows businesses, non-profits, and other qualifying organizations to promote their products and services locally. With usps every door direct mail marketing, businesses can reach every household on a mail carrier route at discounted rates. This affordable tool allows organizations of any size to grow their customer and client bases for less.

Who Can Use EDDM®?

Any organization that wants to advertise directly to audiences within a specific zip code or postal route can benefit from the use of this program. It’s a great way to let everyone know about new store openings, weekend sales, special offers, and more. Local brick-and-mortar retail shops and organizations, which often rely primarily on walk-in customers and local support, may find this service particularly useful.

Law offices, auto dealerships, banks, insurance agents, grocery stores, new and established restaurants, dry cleaners, and other local businesses frequently take advantage of eddm® usps services to advertise everything from grand openings to Black Friday deals and more. Non-profit organizations such as art and theater programs planning upcoming events, community groups looking for volunteers, and churches that want to grow their congregations can also benefit from using EDDM® to reach new audiences within the local area.

What Qualifies Mailings for EDDM®?

In order for a direct mail advertisement to qualify for EDDM® discounted rates, the mailing must be in the form of a postcard that is between 6.125 inches and 12 inches tall and 11.5 and 15 inches long. The company must send between 200 and 5,000 pieces, and the canvassing must cover at least one full postal carrier route. Additionally, mail can only be sent to zip codes in routes.

What Are the Advantages of EDDM®?

Businesses that choose to use EDDM® rather than conventional direct mail campaigns can save as much as 75 cents per flyer. Plus, use of the program requires no permit and no mailing list, allowing companies to save even more. Statistically speaking, EDDM® is more effective than traditional direct mail marketing, as it typically delivers a higher customer conversion rate than any other marketing medium.

How Can EDDM® Help Small Businesses?

Most small businesses draw the majority of their clients or customers from within a five-mile radius of their brick-and-mortar establishments. By contracting eddm® postcard printing services through a printing company that has experience helping clients reach their target audiences, small businesses can tailor their EDDM® campaigns to their unique needs by filtering for geographic location, age, income, or even home ownership. This allows them to reach their target audience for less and expand their base of loyal customers and clients.

Who Can Help?

Most business owners don’t have the time, expertise, or equipment to produce their own EDDM® postcards, which is why they trust printing companies like Catdi Printing to create effective mailers that meet their unique needs. In addition to printing and mailing EDDM® postcards, this business also employs skilled graphic design artists to help their client businesses create eye-catching and effective designs. They specialize in EDDM® and traditional direct mail marketing and offer web-based solutions as well to help their client companies take advantage of all advertising media.

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