EDDM®.US – Your Small Business Postcard Printer

Why Choose EDDM®.Us

Many businesses and non-profit organizations use usps every door direct mail®, or EDDM®, services to reach potential clients or customers within a particular area. Those who have yet to take advantage of this program may be curious to learn why it is so popular, though. They can read on to find out about a few of the advantages of using eddm® usps services.

No Permit Required

Most direct mail marketing campaigns require that businesses and other organizations obtain a mailing permit prior to sending out their advertisements. These permits can be quite costly and difficult to obtain. In comparison, EDDM® requires no permit at all.

No Mailing List Required

Compiling mailing lists can be a time-consuming and frustrating affair. Businesses who choose to use EDDM® instead of conventional direct mail marketing techniques can avoid the need for mailing lists entirely, as their postcards will simply be sent to every house on a postal route.

Great for Local Businesses

Local businesses typically draw the vast majority of their customers from within a five-mile radius of their establishments. Using EDDM to canvas the entire neighborhood can help them reach new clients and customers, which can make a big difference to those trying to grow their businesses.

No Hidden Fees or Costs

There are no hidden costs associated with EDDM®. Businesses can simply pay one low fee, and that fee is often less than a third of what they would pay for similar traditional direct mail marketing campaigns.

Simplicity and Convenience

Printing and marketing companies offer eddm® postcard printing at low rates. Their clients can either use pre-designed images or request graphic design services, then let the company do all the rest. There’s no need for filling out tedious paperwork or dropping the mailers off at the post office when organizations go through a dedicated printing and marketing company.

Increase Brand Awareness

Whether they’re just getting ready for a grand opening or planning a sale for the holidays, retail stores can increase consumer awareness by using EDDM®. Plus, the program’s affordable rates allow them to run new campaigns when items go on sale or new services become available, so there’s no reason not to get started immediately.

Flexible Options

There are some requirements regarding postcard size and areas to receive the mailings, but these are quite flexible. EDDM® orders start at just 200 postcards and can be expanded to reach as many as 5,000 households within an area. One further stipulation is that organizations send out postcards to at least one complete mailing route, but dedicated marketing companies can help them understand their options and decide which routes are best for them.