Reach new customers for mere cents per piece!

The United States Postal Service®, or USPS®, is often thought of as a ponderous, slow-moving organization. While the vast scale of its operations cannot be denied, the USPS® has actually become more agile and innovative in recent years than many would expect.

Confronted with a steadily decreasing volume of mail of types that used to keep it afloat, the USPS® has sought to develop new services that could take the places of these declining ones. One of the most successful of these has been the Every Door Direct Mail®, or EDDM®, program.

An Easier, Simpler, More Cost Effective Way to Reach a Local Audience

With the introduction of eddm® usps® leaders sought to streamline a type of mailing that had formerly been mostly the domain of especially savvy and sophisticated customers. Recognizing that many local businesses could benefit greatly from access to a simple mailing program that nonetheless enabled an attractive amount of reach, it designed a new service that was tailored to suit these requirements from the ground up.

As a result, the usps® every door direct mail® program has quickly become a staple of retailers, restaurateurs, service providers, charities, and others trying to reach as many as possible within their own communities. By offering a highly appealing level of capability in an especially accessible way, it has turned out to be one of the most compelling new offerings created by the modern USPS®.

Simpler to Make Use of Than Most Would Expect

Getting started with EDDM®, in fact, is so straightforward that there will often be almost no work required of those who wish to make use of the service. Most commonly, a local business or organization will simply get in touch with an eddm® postcard printing specialist that will handle all the associated details. This will typically involve:

  • Designing a mailing. Putting together a postcard that will attract attention can take some effort, but it will inevitably be worthwhile. In many cases, a business will be able to simply hand existing digital assets to the printing and mailing partner and await the results.
  • Printing the postcards. With a suitable design settled upon and various options nailed down, as well, the work of actually creating the postcards can then commence. This will typically take very little time, thanks to the power of modern printing equipment.
  • Mailing via EDDM®. From that point forward, the USPS® will then normally take care of everything else. All that will normally be required will be to note which local area is to be targeted.

As a result, EDDM® regularly proves to be an extremely easy way for local businesses to raise awareness regarding what they have to offer. As affordable as it is accessible, EDDM® consistently makes a good deal of sense.