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Traditional direct mail marketing requires a good deal of pre-planning and investment capital. Permits must be acquired, a mailing list must be compiled, and when combined with printing costs these expenses can add up quick. That’s why so many businesses, non-profits, and other organizations are beginning to use USPS® every door direct mail, also known by the acronym EDDM®, instead.

This solution may not be right for every organization. Those who are catering to a niche market are probably still better off using traditional direct mail marketing campaigns. For most businesses and community organizations, though, eddm® postcard printing is the way to go.

Local Retail Shops

Small, family-owned retail shops draw the majority of their customers from within a five-mile radius of their establishments. This geographically skewed demographic makes them perfect candidates for using eddm® USPS® services. Using EDDM®, they can reach every resident within a certain radius or postal code, reaching up to 5,000 potential customers at once.

Local Restaurants

Like locally owned and operated retail shops, local restaurants draw the majority of their customers from their own neighborhoods. EDDM® allows them to canvas houses within those neighborhoods for less, allowing restaurant owners to advertise promotions and changes in their menus as they occur. This helps them to build a loyal following of repeat customers and improves the effectiveness of other marketing campaigns.

Non-Profit Organizations

Businesses aren’t the only organizations that can benefit from EDDM® services. Non-profits can reach potential supporters and keep in touch with their existing support base with ease using every door direct mail®. Note, however, that those that are supporting locally-relevant causes are more likely to have success with these kinds of campaigns.

Churches and Community Organizations

Community organizations such as churches that want to build their congregations or community groups can benefit from reaching out to their immediate neighbors. It doesn’t have to cost them a bundle, either. Every door direct marketing campaigns can start with as few as 200 postcards, provided they cover at least one full postal delivery route.

How to Choose a Printing Company

In order to qualify for EDDM®, postcards must meet fairly specific standards. They must be between 6.125 inches and 12 inches tall and between 11.5 inches and 15 inches long, so it’s best to contract postcard printing through a company that has experience with every door direct mail® marketing campaigns. It’s also a good idea to work with a printing and marketing company that provides more comprehensive services, such as graphic design and traditional direct mail.