Why EDDM® Works

EDDM® Vs. Direct Mail

EDDM®, or Every Door Direct Mail®, is the perfect solution for businesses looking to reach new audiences. It is a program created by the USPS® to allow any business to have marketing material delivered to every household within a specified neighborhood for one affordable flat-rate price.

Eligibility Criteria

There are specific criteria for mail delivered via this means. Postcards must be between 6.125 inches and 12 inches tall, and between 11.5 inches and 15 inches in length. All households to receive the mail must be in the same postal routes, and the quantity of postcards to be distributed must be between 200 and 5,000 pieces. Also, there must be at least one carrier route that is completely covered in order for the mailing to qualify for discounted usps® every door direct mail® rates.

Who Can Use EDDM®?

Any businesses can use eddm® usps® services, but it tends to be most effective for those that have a brick-and-mortar store in the area. A BizReport study showed that a remarkable 85% of customers who patronize small businesses live within a five-mile radius of the establishment. That means restaurants, retail stores, repair shops, dentists’ offices, gyms, and just about any other small business with local constituencies are in a perfect position to benefit from EDDM® services.

Advantages Over Mailing Lists

Mailing lists can be difficult to manage and can wind up missing potential customers, depriving businesses of a valuable audience. These types of direct mail campaigns are also significantly more expensive, due in part to the fact that the USPS® requires an active postal permit for business mailings that are not EDDM® approved. Plus, the overall price for printing is generally much lower when using eddm® postcard printing than other forms of direct mail marketing.

Find a Printing Company That Can Help

The easiest way to get started creating an EDDM® postcard campaign is to find a local printing company that specializes in creating these postcards and helping their client companies to develop appropriate marketing campaigns around them. It’s important to choose a company that knows the local area, as an extensive knowledge of local markets and target audiences is essential for the success of any direct mail campaign. It’s also a good idea to choose a company that offers more comprehensive marketing services such as graphic design and more traditional forms of direct mail marketing.

Get Started Today

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